Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's this - actual boat work?

Finally got out to the tent today. First I finally got my bow web glued in place; for some reason I forgot to take pictures of this - wait til tomorrow. Also taped in the upper (port) side of the bow web, along with glassing the inside of the upper bow nose. That's not a fun area to work in, very tight and I keep slipping down the gunwale.

Then I started fitting my daggerboard into the case. Here's the (not yet fully faired) board sticking out the top:

No sticking points anywhere, though the board feels a little bit sloppy (just a little) in the case. I'd rather live with that than a stuck board.

Here's the "A" daggerboard section traced out on the bottom of the case:

I then jigsawed out the bulk of the waste. First chunk comes out:

The poured-insert turned out pretty thick. All of the chopped glass I added to the mix settled to the bottom of the insert though.

Getting closer:

The hole turned out to be too small (I was worried it'd be too big), and I had to gradually enlarge it. I tried various tools but finally settled on a round rat-tail file. This was good for increasing the opening while keeping the curves nice and even. To be honest, there's not much left of the insert by the time you get to this point:

It looks like a nice fit, but I need to finish fairing, priming, and painting the board, then re-check the fit, before I can declare it done.

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