Sunday, November 15, 2015

More interior paint

I have been working in little bits here and there, adding more primer and paint to the interior.  

Initial primer on lower deck areas and you can also see some of the aft cabin tunnel:

I ran out of white finish primer fairly soon and have been using up my dark gray primer instead, in case you're wondering about the color switch.

Initial primer on fwd beam bulkhead, window sides, and most of daggerboard case:

The tunnel to the aft cabin is now mostly painted:

I had to tent the boat with some plastic in order to be able to trap the heat from a small heater:

Primer on main cabin bulkhead:

I even painted part of the underside of the settee support bulkhead, in case anyone ever grabs underneath there:

This was right after I put on my last coat for tonight:

I only have the aft cabin left to do; part of that is already been faired so hopefully not too much longer to final boat flip.