Thursday, June 3, 2010

Extra layer of cockpit seat foam

Tuesday night I did the final taping on the settee backs - phew, glad that's over. I admit my interior is very basic, but at least it looks like a completed basic interior. I have a few minor upside-taping jobs that will wait until I flip the hull over, but for the most part the interior is done (well, I am contemplating adding a couple of shelves in the aft cabin :)).

Wednesday night I cut and fitted the extra cockpit seat foam layers, and glued it on with bog and wood blocks to hold it down. I tried to relieve the bottom of it in various spots so that it would lie flat as possible (e.g., over the extra uni covering the ends of the aft beam bulkheads).

And tonight, after trimming up the raw foam and rounding over the edges, I laminated the top of the extra seat layers. Port side dryfitted:

Here's a rare picture from the middle of the job (usually I don't like to stop when I'm "on the clock"):

And with peel-ply:

Onwards and upwards. This weekend I hope to get the boat out of the cradles and turned on its side so I can start doing the exterior laminate on the beam mounts.