Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to boat building

It took me longer than expected to get back to work on the boat. Was sick longer than expected, work was/is busy, the weather was cold and rainy, and we're doing a bathroom remodel. Last but not least -- I'll be honest -- it felt good to take a decent holiday break with the family.

Anyway, we had some decent weather today so I got a little bit of work done:

Felt good to be mixing epoxy again.

I was able to do some successful test squirms through the passageway under the cockpit, but wasn't convinced I could do it "for real" without accidentally kicking the bulkhead, or disturbing the tapes. So I only taped the front side, as seen above. After the front cures, that should help lock the bulkhead into place.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. It's been fun being the F22 spectator for a change. Menno, all I can say is: wow! Grant, nice job on the daggerboard - you've made it look easy and got me rethinking my choice of cedar.