Sunday, September 7, 2008

More exterior lamination

I'm not yet done with the exterior laminate, but it's getting closer. As of today I have run out of 'A' glass, so I need to make time this week to run up to Fiberglass Supply for more.

I've been lazy about picture taking lately, but here's a few. Here I'm sitting on top of the boat, cogitating about how I'm going to laminate the glass into the daggerboard case:

You can see on the starboard side where the leading edge of the laminate has reached. The port side is at about the same spot, and the rear half of the main cabin top is done. Also the bow edge is done up to the bottom of the bow web (still thinking about how to best blend that area into the hull).

I decided to pre-laminate the daggerboard case glass before the main exterior laminate...glad I did it separately, a bit finicky getting all this glass into place:

Now, when I do the main laminate, I'll just cut around the case hole and not try to lap it in (the glass over the flat spot will lap in a bit).

Lamination of rudder mount is completed:

(I keep the steel rod in the holes to protect them from stray drips of epoxy.)

Picture looking through the boat:

Despite the (relatively) high temperatures, the technique of coating the foam with bog before laminating the glass over it has worked great to prevent bubbles from showing up. Don't think I want to deal with all those bubbles again, and the attendant fairing issues.

I layed some temporary plywood on top of the cockpit floor, this helped a lot to distribute my weight and remove any worries about damage. Also, went with my wife to a craft store last week and they had sheets of 3/8" balsa that I could, that's some pretty tough (and light!) stuff. I am now thinking of using balsa for my double cockpit floor layer.

It was very cool to see the video of Oliver's boat sailing...

That's all for now, hope all the other builders are doing well.