Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lame excuse for an update

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I have been working 6+ days week, 12+ hour days, for at least a couple of months now. Obviously my boat, along with most of my life, has come to a halt. But never mind my whining; here's some good news to ponder:
  • My folding system has just been shipped from Precourt; looking fwd to finally having that piece of gear.
  • Ian emailed me to tell me that I am now #5 in line on my beam order. Maybe by end of summer? Not that I need it right now...but I want these critical parts to be sitting safe in my living room, ready to go.
  • Roger Bonnot had an extra mast step fabricated and welded, and I managed to get first dibs on it; he sent mail today saying it was in the mail. Woot! It looks nice. I am very relieved that this opportunity came up, because I wasn't looking forward to finding a local fabrication shop and dealing with all that. Thank you Roger.
  • I am about two weeks away from a five week vacation. I will be visiting some distant family for a little while during part of that break, but otherwise this will be a 100% boatbuilding vacation. Time to get the show back on the road.

I still need to do some research on local anodizing shops; I know I toyed with the idea of getting my own anodizing kit, but decided I won't go that route unless the shop price is excessive.

I watched a movie with my wife the other night, but in retrospect that wasn't a good decision (although I loved it); I got lots of worried looks and comments like "are you sure you want to do this??". (Remember we haven't done any sailing before.) I need a counter-charm...anyone know a good movie that features calm seas, relaxed trimaran sailing, mai-tai sipping, etc?

The only boat work I've been able to squeeze in has been very minor, mainly getting the bow eye wrapped up in the extra layers of glass. It's not an easy part to wrap and I had to grind out some bubbles and re-do some parts a couple of times...maybe I should have tried bagging it. Anyway, it is just about ready to mount in the hull. I think I will be at work again this weekend so I will get to it when I get to it.