Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aft cabin laminated

Wow but it's a hot day today. Might break a record - it's over 85 deg F right now at my house. And easily 90+ in my boat tent. This is relevant because right now I only have Fast hardener for my laminating resin...makes things interesting.

I spent the morning doing more rough-fairing of the hull. I'm just about done. Not super happy with the results - just too hard to get things looking nice when you're sanding both foam and bog. Not looking forward to the real fairing.

After I got 95% done on the fairing, I decided to do some lamination work, starting at the aftcabin. I laminated the cabin top, the gunwale\hull-sides below the aft cabin, and also did the uni-glass for the aft cabin. Here's a rare intra-lamination picture; I'm wrapping this piece of glass around the hull (foam is pre-bogged & wetted, so the glass sticks nicely) preparing for further wet-out:

Here's the uni at the rear of the cabin:

Not very interesting to look at, I know.

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