Friday, August 24, 2012

F44SC plans

As has been noted in many places, Ian Farrier will stop selling all F-boat plans as of September 25th;  see yahoo F-boat group announcement here, but here is the pertinent excerpt:

The production F-22 is now not far away, which will mean an increasing amount of work required to both implement full production, and do all the necessary marketing and boat shows etc. This is going to leave little time for anything else, and thus it has been decided to withdraw all Farrier plans from sale as from September 25th, 2012. This will then allow full time attention to all the many aspects related to the production F-22, and any other future production designs. 

Building my F22 has been one of the more fun activities in my life, so I am saddened to see this announcement (even as expected as it had to be someday...) since it will terminate the dreams of many...but I cannot argue with Mr Farrier's reasoning (it's his time, his business, and his life's work after all!).     Regardless, this marks the end of a fantastic era for amateur multihull boat builders.    

So with that all said...I must admit to being one of the dreamers.   I've mentioned before (here and there) my desire to someday build an F44SC.   After explaining the situation to my wife (ie, buy the plans now or forever hold my peace), she agreed to purchasing the plans so I can keep the dream alive for now.  (It wasn't even a difficult discussion, which surprised me, but I guess this is one of the benefits of having a wife that truly loves you!)  I wired the cash yesterday and am looking forward to poring over the F44SC plans - although not too much - I have an F22 to finish first!!!  :-)

If things don't work out, then I guess I'll be putting the F44SC plans up for sale to a private party (presumably at a loss - I'm not looking at this as an "investment" opportunity) - but obviously I hope things work out.  


William Sleimann said...

Hi there,

Do you still have the plans for the F44SC?

All the best


Jay said...

Yes I do. They are not for sale at this time though, sorry.