Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Laminated anchor well supports

This is a short post. Had a few hours after work and got to work sanding down the fairing compound in the bow. It is actually starting to look pretty good, I am getting excited. However the very bottom of the bow bulkhead is terrible to sand - I can only get about two fingers in there. I may visit an auto body shop tomorrow, maybe they have some cool sanding attachments I can put on a drill.

I squared up the anchor well hatch and it is looking pretty nice IMO:

I also sanded down the hatch supports I installed over the weekend, and the hatch is sitting nice and flush with the hull now. I figured this was a good time to add the extra reinforcement:

Obviously I'll trim off the excess.

I am still researching what kind of a latch I should use for the anchor well hatch. I don't want it just flapping in the breeze....a simple tension latch should suffice, but the marine ones are a bit pricey.

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