Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bow bulkhead taped

Taped both fwd and aft sides of the bow bulkhead, including along the bow web of course. Here's the fwd side, pre-taping:

I really like how the above picture shows that I am incapable of cutting a circular hole....but at least the foam core edges have been filled with bog! :)

Taping the above area sucked for me, just like it has sucked for everyone else. Here's how it looked after taping...on second thought, I don't want to show this picture. You show me yours, and I'll show you mine....

Thankfully I did the tough part first, then moved to the inside:

The taping job above should turn out nice.

Before I quit for the night, I laminated a couple layers of A onto the cutout from the bow bulkhead hole (to form a flanged hatch), and also put a single layer of A on the large fwd bunktop hatch cutout.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,

Nice to see you building again. I think the bow area is one of the most difficult area's to tape. From now on it will probably be easier.

Good luck, Hans

Derek said...

good to see progress again! Looks like the company are going to move me again, so I have to pack everything up and get it ready for moving... oh well, at least I started my rudder.

You may want to add a link to my "trimaran only" blog...