Friday, May 22, 2009

Bow cavity filled

I spent a couple of hours after work this week doing tedious hand-sanding of the tape edges inside the bow cavity, and finally deemed it good enough to move to the next step, filling the cavity with foam. This job is not that hard but it does take awhile to get the area filled up reasonably solid with foam, mainly again because of the small area:

No the foam fit is not perfect, but thanks to the magic of bog there's no need to worry. You can tell from the picture above that my bow web somehow ended up slightly offset to port - my hull halves didn't fit so well near this area, and I had to do a lot of "coaxing". It's not that noticeable especially from the outside so I'm just not going to worry about it.

Here's the foam chunks numbered and ready to go (I didn't want to lose track of the right order, in the heat of battle); the non-numbered piece in the foreground is the top "plate":

All done, foam bogged in and a top layer of tape in place:

Looking at the plans afterwards I think I filled the cavities slightly higher than I should have, but there's still a reasonable angle for good drainage and plenty of room to drill the drain holes.

I've also been working on an under-flange for the large fwd bunktop hatch. The edges of the hatch hole deflect more than I would like when I am climbing around in there, so I decided to beef it up a little, and also provide a lip for the hatch to sit on:

I ran a small roundover bit around the exposed edge of the flange and have finished laminating glass around that edge. Tomorrow I'll glue it into place, then tape it in from the bottom. Not sure if I'll tape it in from the top as well, the extra glass might interfere with the hatch fit (but I could trim the hatch of course).

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Ed said...

Our bow web is slightly skewed to one side as well, but just barely noticeable. Am thinking about the same thing for the hatch with some heavier fabric around it to keep the flex down some.