Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aft bunktop and extra cockpit deck foam completed

Nothing big to report this week (i.e., cockpit seats aren't glued in yet) but I did get several small items done.

The rest of the B glass behind the main cabin hatch flange is done. I must say, that having this flange finished has totally changed, for the better, the ease of entry into the main cabin. Even as big as I am, now I can swing myself into the main cabin with ease, and not worry about hurting anything. I can stand on the bottom flange and it's just rock-solid, making it a nice staging point for getting around.

The main cabin hatch gussets have been laminated over.

All of the pre-formed cockpit tape flanges are finished. I need to make a decision soon on whether I'm going to paint-out the interior of these compartments before glueing the seats on. I am leaning that direction though.

Tip: I find the pre-formed tape flanges to be quite flexible after removing the mold. To stiffen them up, the very next day I coat the glueing surface of the tapes with a thin layer of bog. Then when I sand it later, I'm sanding the bog and not the glass, which makes it easy to get a nice rough surface. There's probably a tiny weight penalty with this approach, but better that than a poor bond between the flanges and the cockpit seat (esp the beam bulkhead flanges).

The edges of the cockpit compartment hatches, and the aft-cabin hatch, have been dug-out and filled with bog.

I got tired of looking at the missing second half of the aft-cabin bunktop, and so it has been glued in-place:

...and taped:

I think this was the first time I've ever been in the aft-cabin with the boat in the upright position...there is LOTS of room back there. Makes me glad I'm building this model.

I glued in the the second layer of foam for the cockpit deck out of smaller scraps, using pieces of wood to hold them down:

Dry-fitting\trimming the A glass over the new foam layer:

And then in the middle of laminating:

Things are moving right along.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
I would absolutely sand and paint-out the compartments.
You will never ever have such good access.


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