Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More hull taping

The fwd beam bulkhead tape and uni is done, and the winch reinforcements are done. Tonight I taped the top and bottom of the daggerboard case. Lot of fun that was. Here's a crappy picture:

It's kinda chilly at night lately, so I let the lamps shine into the hull for an hour or so after I was done. You can see I also did the extra glass reinforcement behind the daggerboard case bottom. And, I actually vacuumed out the "floor" (gunwale) which made a big difference in appearance inside the hull.

I also did the cabin deck stringer lamination, but when I tore off the peel ply tonight, it didn't turn out so good - one edge lifted up on me (darn it, thought I had it stuck down really good). Will have to grind that and re-do it.

I still have to do the bow cleat reinforcements, but that's minor and can wait. The next big item for tomorrow is closing in the bow. I also hope to start cutting down the keel form frames so I can start the keel reinforcements.

No progress on the daggerboard; I'm just gung-ho right now to get the interior hull taping all done.

Given that today is April Fool's Day, I had half a mind to create a post describing how I decided to give up sailing and was buying a Chevy 327 to mount in the aft-cabin of my F22. Well I don't have the energy to write all of that, so you'll just have to imagine how funny it would have been. :)

Came home from work and my wife said she was reading my blog. Suprising, but cool; she said the blog was "cute". Honey, if you happen to see this: I love you!

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