Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daggerboard work, bow closed in

Last night I bagged the first layer of glass onto my daggerboard. I tried to do a complete wrap of the entire board; this is very hard to do and when I unbagged the board I wished I had it done it one side at a time. I had some "bunching" along some of the edges, but the worst part was a lot of bridging across sharp transitions (rebate edges, and the board transition from foil-to-flat). My overlaps were also a bit oversized. Well, no choice really but to cut and grind out the mistakes. Today I laminated and bagged the carbon fiber on one side and fixed the mistakes from last night at the same time. Here's the board ready for carbon; you can see the newly bare rebate edges:

Here's the carbon for one side:

I am having to work with two layers of carbon for each per-plan layer, since I could not find the correct weight. The lighter layer is only 4oz and I found this difficult to work with after it is wet-out; keeps wanting to twist on itself which is difficult to un-do with epoxied gloves.

After wet-out, the carbon forms quite a stack but it looks we judged the rebate depth just about right:

Originally I was planning to laminate and bag both sides at once, but I was using fast hardener and changed my mind and bagged it after the picture above. Tomorrow morning I'll bag the carbon for the other side.

I also spent time today working on the hull. I cut down both the deck and keel form frames, and removed all of the battens down to about a foot below the center line. I will admit there was some daydreaming going on today; staring at the emerging hull shape is pretty fun. I also did some preliminary foam fairing and so far it looks pretty good:

Here's the bow getting closed in:

According to the plans I can extend the bow out by one more foam layer if I wish; I'm going to fair it out first and see how it looks before I do that.

Last thing for the day was grinding out the bubbles on the deck stringer and then relaminating it. Man I hate having to do stuff over.

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