Monday, March 19, 2007

Starboard float unmolded

Didn't have as much time for boat work as I had hoped this evening, but I did manage to get the first (starboard) float unmolded. Wasn't quite as easy as the last time. (Builder tip: break the "seal" between the deck flange and and the deck flange mold plate before you place the matching float half on top of it. Otherwise it can be hard to get to.) Overall the float looked good, not that I'm an expert:

That darn bow bulkhead tape had a couple of small bubbles in it (only having a couple is actually a miracle in itself). I cringe at the thought of trying to grind them out in that small space - I may just live with it. The keel tapes actually turned out pretty good, but there are a couple spots I may patch with extra tape later on.

The keel pieces did not meet up 100% perfectly everywhere; not sure why, I thought I had that part nailed. I don't think this will be a major problem, I'll just have to sand it even before glassing it over.

After unmolding the float, I could not resist grabbing my sander and going to town on those stubby keel flanges. They're all gone now! :) I didn't go too far though , just enough to smooth them even. I guess I needed the motivation, to see something really smooth and boat-shaped (it's been a long winter).

After that, I stored the float away on saw horses; the tent is starting to feel more and more "full":

I sure envy those builders with nice big shops and plenty of places for storage.

I spent the rest of the time cleaning up the keel batten (it got gunked up with putty pretty good) and doing other prep work to get ready for the last float half. Tomorrow after work I'll be able to start planking right away.

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