Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fourth float half ready for laminate

Here's a short update on progress this week so far, and plans through the weekend.

Tuesday night I planked the entire float half - it went quick, I just chugged through it.

Wednesday (last) night I dremel'ed between the planks and puttied everything together. I hadn't realized how low I was on micro and silica -- I used every last ounce I had to get the job done -- the last two deck flange corner pieces were glued on a bit sloppily (runny putty). I did have some wood dust left, but was trying to avoid using it (though I guess it wouldn't have mattered).

Tonight I sanded the float half down, shaped the chainplate pad, marked out the location of the stringer and the extra reinforcements, and pre-cut all of the glass except for the flange reinforcements (I'll cut those tomorrow from the offcuts from the main float laminate). I'm essentially prepped for laminate.

Tomorrow night after work (assuming the weather is at least half decent) I'll laminate this float half, and maybe also glue the bow caps together. I picked up some contact cement this afternoon for doing the bow caps; was thinking I'd use my A400 scraps for that job (figuring that A400 is more suited for a crush\crumple zone area).

Saturday I'll join the port float halves together, and maybe start working on the bow stringer cross-pieces, and also do something about constructing some cradles.

On Sunday I should be ready to set things up for doing the bulkhead flanges.

Here is the puttied and sanded float half:

Here's how I was setup for shaping (sanding) the chainplate pad; you can also see the markings on the float half for the extra reinforcements and the chainplate pad location:

Here's my garage "table" with all of the laminates cut and ready to go (the rolled up glass is of course the main laminate for the float half):

This is essentially how this corner of my garage looks every night, after I've cleaned up and put my car inside. Yes, it is a bit crowded. The benefit is that because I've got little room for leaving messes around, I tend to be somewhat anal about picking everything up. The garage so far has stayed decently clean throughout the project.

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