Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Aft bunktop taped (mostly)

From Sunday I had the aft bunktop all ready to go. I taped the outside edge and the fwd enclosed section of the bunktop, and decided to leave it alone at that point. This is because I had a feeling that I would probably dislodge the bunktop out of position if I started poking sticks down into the aft enclosed section; it's a very tiny space.

Here's a view looking forward:

The rear corner of the fwd compartment:

And an outside view:

I think pre-forming the flanges with a short mold plate might have made this an easier job -- I know the taping would have turned out better too. Obviously I won't have a choice but to do that for the matching side in the starboard hull.

As you can probably tell from my complaining above, this was not an easy taping job. Perhaps not as bad as doing the interior float bows, but still hard. Well, there's nothing like a little humiliation to bust your bubble, when you start to think you're getting good at this stuff. :-)

I also dry-fitted the stern deck piece this evening; looks like an easy one to do. Haven't got around to dry-fitting the cabin settee, that's also coming up.

I see Ian commented on the F-boat forum that the first batch of F22 beam mounts should be shipped soon. I ordered mine back in May, but haven't complained about the delay since I didn't need them yet. It will definitely be exciting to get my hands on those parts; I will post some nice pictures when they get here.

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