Sunday, September 23, 2007

More port bulkhead taping

I made good progress today, spending about ten hours outside in the tent working on bulkheads -- got the fwd beam bulkhead, both front bunk bulkheads, the main cabin bulkhead, and the aft cabin stern bulkhead, all taped in. And my aft beam bulkhead from yesterday turned out great - finished curing in perfect alignment.

First was the fwd beam bulkhead. Here's all the tapes for this bulkhead (both sides) ready to be cut out:

With the exception of the temporary ones, all tapes were cut double-bias. DB tape is a pain to work with (always wants to shrink in one direction, and elongate in the other). At first I tried carrying the wet tapes out to the tent as one long piece, but this doesn't work so well -- it's best to roll the tape up for transport, then unroll it as you place it over the fillet.

Here's the fwd beam bulkhead taped in place (except for the temporary tapes, I added those a bit later):

Fwd fwd bunk bulkhead (this gives you a good idea of my strategy for holding the bulkheads in place too):

Temporary tapes added to fwd beam bulkhead:

Like yesterday with the aft beam bulkhead, I hope that's enough "tacking".

This is the aft fwd bunk bulkhead, getting an initial bogging on its foam edge:

The bog in the picture above is supposed to be just enough to fill the space between the hull and the bulkhead. After positioning the bulkhead in place and clamping it down, I would then form fillets...

...and then lay down the tape:

The main cabin bulkhead was about the same as the others, but slightly more challenging due to its size (plus the fun of clambering into the hull over the deck side). When doing the fwd-side tapes, I brought my taping wet-out board into the tent to minimize the number of times I'd have to climb in and out of the hull:

Here is the fwd-side of the main cabin bulkhead after taping:

I did not apply tape to about 5" below the deck, nor above the bottom drain hole, to allow for minor adjustments when joining the hull halves later.

The last bulkhead for today was the aft cabin stern bulkhead; I won't show any more pictures of taping since it's all the same after awhile. Here's some pictures though, that show the hull is rapidly starting to fill up now with bulkheads:


Pretty cool, eh? Still a lot to do though, before I can even think about unscrewing this hull half and popping it out of the mold.

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