Friday, July 13, 2007

Wingnet rails, part 3

[Hopefully this won't turn in a long-running series...e.g., "Wingnet rails, part 17"...]

Yesterday after work I got to work unmolding the first upper support rail. This turned into a bit of a job. I had cut the glass a bit too long, and it had been tucked underneath the bottom of the molds on the ends, and cured in that position. To make it worse, I hadn't done too good a job on masking off the bottom of the mold. The glass also wrapped around the bottom of the lower lip somewhat. I pried and hacked and even smacked the end-wrapped parts with a hammer, but they weren't budging. So I cut off the ends of the laminate, mold and all. This is what the chopped-off parts looked like:

This strategy worked great and I was left with this to unmold:

Here I did a sanity check against the pattern:

Not perfect, but it could be how I took the picture: holding the paper still while snapping the shot one-handed. Even so it looks pretty darn close except for that lower lip, but I don't think it will be a problem.

After prying, prying, and more prying, eventually I got it popped loose. Then I laid it aside because I wanted to focus on getting the second main support rail laminated and bagged. This went pretty smoothly -- it always does the second time around.

Tonight after work I unmolded the second support rail; it was actually a bit easier than the first one, since I'd reduced the width of my glass in both dimensions, so I got much less "wrap-under" on the mold but I still found it necessary to chop an inch or so off each end. Then I got busy removing the peelply from both rails; I'd forgotten how much fun this can be (not):

Eventually though it was all done and my support rails are now ready to be trimmed and attached to the floats:

That's all for today; it's been a long week between both day-job work and boat-job work. Tomorrow I'll get started trimming the rails down, and (cringe) grinding my floats back down to glass in the necessary spots.

Finally, if someone local to the area would like to take ownership of my wingnet rail molds, I'd be happy to give them away - otherwise they will get chopped to pieces in a week or so since I don't have room to store them. Even after chopping a little bit off of each end, the main support rail mold is still 9' 8 1/2" long - should be plenty I think. Email me and let me know if you want them - you pick up.

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