Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bullnose floats

Work is getting busy on me, but I did duck out this afternoon to glue my bow caps on.

First a quick jigsaw cut and some sanding to get rid of the vestigial portion of the deck that was sticking out:

Then a straightforward putty job:

I was worried about how to hold the bow caps in place until the putty started to set, but this ended up a non-issue: the surface tension\suction was almost enough by itself to hold them. I did screw a single screw down through the top of the each bow cap into the rest of the float, and that locked things in place quite nicely:

My starboard float deck looks pretty good too:

Finally, if anyone were to even think about robbing the place, please note that we have a vicious attack dog who maims intruders on command:

(Sorry -- I promise I won't let the blog degenerate into maudlin personal stuff. Couldn't resist that one though. :))

I think that today's work just about caps it (punny) for the easy work for awhile. Starting tomorrow I need to get busy on fairing.


MartinF said...

I thought that the idea with the nose was to create a bumber. To do this lamination is around the hull first, then the sacrifice bow is attached and laminated over the hull, so you got a watertight float. At least that is what I plan to do.

Great site anyway, good luck


Jay said...

Hi Martin,

I just re-checked, and the F22 plans do not show any lamination underneath the bow cap - they are pretty clear as to the sequence. So I didn't even think of doing it that way. If I'm wrong, hopefully other F22 builders will enlighten me (soon! :). I might ask Ian about it as well next time I send him a batch of questions.

I'm sure your plan will work fine too of course.