Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I wasn't planning on doing mid-week posts...but will make an exception this time. For future reference, "Arggh" is the sound you make when an email arrives from the boat designer telling you that the fwd bunktop panels you bagged up last weekend, now need an extra bit of "A" laminate near the rear end. Dang it -- I would have preferred to do that under the vacuum bag with the initial laminate. Well, these things happen and there's no sense complaining (I'm really just making noise to hear myself. :)). There were also some small changes to the cockpit seat dimensions but thankfully I had not yet bagged and cut a replacement panel for the one I screwed up a week or so ago. So tonight I cut out the fwd beam bulkheads and the fwd bunk tops, bagged up a new cockpit seat, and laminated the extra A laminate on one side of each fwd bunktops (see the open layup on the counter in the background in this picture):

Once I get the new cockpit seat panel cut out, I will lay it over the previous (good) panel, and see what needs to change. Looking at the new dimensional drawing, I expect the differences to be minimal.

Here is a picture of my collection of flat panel parts, stashed away in the downstairs rec room for safekeeping.

The cockpit seat panel in the bag above, is my last flat panel part. Everything else is done, sans filling in exposed panel edges with putty (a not-very-fun job, but I will be doing it soon).

I think I should be feeling pretty good at this point (cue James Brown lyrics). I sure hope that this building strategy I'm following (build all small parts and flat panels first) works out.

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