Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Site and other prep

I knew where I wanted to place my boat building tent, but the location needed some improvement. The garage needed a new side-access door, to make it easy to get to the boat. To put in the door though, I had to move a gas pipe and an AC compressor out of the way. To save some money, I did the trench digging myself:

(by the way, that gap there between the shed and the house should be wide enough for a trailer with loaded F22 -- if not, I'll be having fun moving that shed some day. The AC compressor in the corner is no longer in the way.)

This trench is 24" deep its entire length:

(It was warm out that morning while I was digging, and I have to admit that thoughts like "do I really need a boat" kept crossing my mind...)

Next step was to have the gas and AC contractors come out to reroute and move stuff. After getting that done, my neighbor came over on a weekend and helped me install a door (where that window is, in the above picture):

Here's the nearly finished product (still needed to pour a step, you can see my form in the picture):

Other prep work included making a place to store the rolls of glass. I designed and built a plywood rack that attaches to my garage wall. Here's a picture:

Okay, I admit it's a bit rubegoldberg-ish, but it works:

Next step was to get working on the boat building tent.

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