Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Numero uno post

Test, test, test. Can anyone read this?

I am building a Farrier F-22 trimaran, sail #25. I've been taking a lot of pictures along the way, but haven't been making much progress on the web site part. My goal for this blog is to show friends & family what I'm doing, document my progress, and help motivate myself to maintain momentum. I'm not convinced that the blog format is ideal for project-status-reporting purposes, but the impressive ease-of-use of the Blogger toolset outweighs that.

This is a picture of me, holding one of my cabin bulkheads. (You can't really tell since I'm hiding behind it, but before I actually finish the boat it would be a good idea for me to work on eliminating excess personal ballast.) I like this picture, since it gives a good idea of the overall size of the boat.

Since I've been already working on this boat for about three months, there will be a flurry of somewhat lengthy posts to begin with, which should eventually subside into semi-regular status reports. I am nothing special as a writer, but I'll try my best to be at least somewhat coherent.

By the way, I take all pictures at the highest resolution my digital camera will allow. So clicking on the pictures to see the original (at least, I think they are the originals) will result in a large download -- fyi.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
My local composites supplier gave me a print of you blog page with a reference to my old web site. I am a bit flattered that I inspired you to such an enterprise. Try to remember when you are in the depths of the never
ending nature of your project that I only kindled something in you that was already there :)

I have retired and no longer have the old site available to me. I am also trying to focus a bit on what I want to put my energies into and may not re-establish the site else where. Your enthusium and that of others for the site are a motivation in that direction however.

Your building blog is sure to motivate a few latent builders as well. It is a trove of information as well as a good look into the vagiaries of rolling your own.

You can reach me at

Tony Bigras

Jay said...

Thanks Tony for the kind words. Don't worry, I realize that no matter how my project turns out it is 100% my responsibility. Still -- I figure, if you could build a 50' aluminium cat in three years with a day job, surely I can churn out a 22' footer in just one or two years.

Thanks again for contacting me,