Thursday, August 23, 2007

Port float sprayed and wayed

I sprayed the port float yesterday. Same basic operating parameters (temp, thinning ratio, etc) as for the starboard float. Alas, this paint job did not turn out quite as nice as the other one. I got a lot of runs, and orange peel in lots of spots.

For the runs, it looks like I had the fluid flow adjustment way too high at the beginning and I didn't notice it until the runs started appearing. (I did spray a test pattern, but it's still not easy for me to recognize "good" from "bad".) Fortunately my spray routine had me doing the underside of the rails first, so most of the bad runs are down the inner side of the float. So either I fix them, or I get close-mesh netting that will hide them - probably the latter.

Here's an example (you can see some runs in this one):

And another:

And another:

(See all the dust on top there - either the tent wasn't as air-proof as I thought, or some of the overspray settled as dust, not sure which.)

We also weighed this float -- it came in at 142.8 lbs. Exactly two pounds lighter than the starboard float; I guess the A400 in the port side of this float didn't make as much of a difference as I expected (or more likely, I was just sloppier on this float).

My neighbor is not quite done cutting the form frames for the main hull, so I have been working on mounting the hatches, and creating a cedar blank for the daggerboard. Will cover those details in another post.

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