Monday, May 7, 2007

Some bubbles; port transom laminate; a sturdy float

Unfortunately I did not baby-sit my float laminate long enough yesterday, and ended up with some bubbles - sigh. Well, what can you do. It was not as bad as last weekend though, only about eight or nine bubbles all told. I sanded them out and patched them all:

The port float transom was laminated as well:

(yeah I did pull the laminate a bit tighter there at the bottom)

Otherwise, I spent the rest of the evening grinding down the rough edges on both floats. It was a very warm day (80+ deg F) so both floats had a decent cure going on inside the tent (it has a mild sauna effect). I am pleased with how "tough" the floats sound when I rap on the side of them. And I could not resist making the following test:

I'll be swapping the floats tomorrow and will continue sanding down the rough edges on both, to get ready for fairing. (Is this what folks mean when they mention "grinding the glass"? I can't imagine using a real grinder - it would cut fast into even cured glass and quickly do some damage, I would think.)

My "boat building shoes" are getting absolutely gross. I had hoped that they would make it through the entire project, but as soon as you step in some epoxy they start picking up all kinds of crap, and they are getting slippery:

My current "lawn mowing shoes" may have to graduate to the boat project soon. :-)

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